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Through an extensive network of solid resources and strategic alliances, ERI is engaged by companies of all sizes to perform searches to fill permanent mid to senior level positions in the Consumer Lending and Fintech industries.

To fulfill our clients' needs, we look for the highest caliber of people to present to potential employers across corporate functions. We operate with the highest level of ethical standards, confidentiality, and respect to your privacy.

Working with the job seeker, our commitment is to help you through the process of changing companies. We will present you to the most suitable clients in need of your skills and experience, at no cost to you.

For the passive job seeker who has an extraordinary record of achievement, who seeks anonymity in their job search, who desires to stay within their current industry, who has not submitted their resume to the job boards, and who is committed to making a change, we have a program that allows you to be presented to hiring authorities while maintaining confidentiality so your current position is not compromised. This program is only for the best of the best. If you meet these requirements and would like to discuss your eligibility for our program, please contact us for additional information.

Finding a new opportunity starts with your resume. We look forward to reviewing your qualifications