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We know what you know.
Mediocre candidates are abundant and easy to find on your own. Impact players however, are not looking for you and why should they be. They are busy contributing to the success of your competitor. If you want the opportunity to attract candidates who are difference makers, We can be of help. You might not otherwise get the chance to talk to them.

We do what you need.
We specialize in placing professional, managerial, and executive people of accomplishment and expertise within the Consumer Lending and FinTech industries. Finding the right people people for your company is what you need most and it's what we do best. Our focus is on the comprehensive methods we use when sourcing and placing candidates. We believe you are best served with a thorough and effective systematic search methodology. Rather than try to “flip” you a few candidates from our database, our methodology for identifying candidates will lead us to the current incumbents at your competitors. Our contact with them will determine if they meet the requirements you have given us. We will talk with them about your company, assess the value they could bring, and evaluate their willingness to move.

We do it together.
Executive Recruiting is dedicated to building solid, long-term relationships and providing our clients in Consumer Lending and FinTech with the best possible service. Our approach to every assignment will always be thorough and designed to get the best results. Getting the best result requires that we work together. Within a short time we will adopt your mindset for what constitutes a right fit functionally and culturally. Invest time with us up front and your overall time expenditure will be reduced as will the time to offer and start date. Communicate with us promptly after candidate submission and interviews and you enhance the perception of yourself and your company to candidates. Realize you are not the only one forming an opinion as we move through the interview process.

We are able to assist clients in many ways to ensure the success of a placement, including evaluating the job description, compensation package and negotiating the job offer. Our ability to bring an objective viewpoint to the recruitment process enhances our understanding of each client's specific employment requirements. Through this understanding we are able to recruit the right individual for each assignment. ERI’s search consultants continually identify and attract highly qualified candidates within the Consumer Lending and Fintech industries. We focus heavily on executives in Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Legal and Compliance. We also provide post placement follow-up. New hires will share with us what is going well in their new role, and what isn't. We will let you know what they are thinking in the critical early months that might affect their long-term employment.